Womenspace Partnership

Eugene Safe Storage is proud to be in partnership with Womenspace - a local organization that promotes safety, hope, and healing for survivors of domestic violence. 

Your donation of household goods, furniture, and money can help our neighbors and community members with immediate needs, and will also help Womenspace in their on-going commitment to end domestic violence in our community. One hundred percent of your cash donations will be given directly to Womenspace.

In addition, we have a dedicated storage unit available where you can leave your household items and furniture that you no longer need. The staff at Womenspace will have access to these donations so they can take whatever they know is needed by their clients. 

At regular intervals, the remaining donations will be auctioned through Charity Storage Auctions and StorageTreasures.com. Proceeds from the auction sale will be donated to Womenspace, Kure It Cancer Research, and the Self Storage Foundation Scholarship Program.